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Ultra-Lightweight SpinFlow™ Air Filters

Engineered to be stronger, lighter and cooler.

SpinFlow Ultra-Lightweight Filter systems feature a unique design to reduce back pressure, which equals a reduction in heat build up. Each unit starts to spin the air as it enters the air inlet. The air is directed up the housing, utilizing the complete filter element smoothly and evenly with less back pressure and pressure drop, saving you money by making your elements last longer than any unit on the market. All of BTI’s SpinFlow Filter Systems can be mounted anywhere on any trailer with BTI’s stainless steel mounting bands.

The SpinFlow Standard comes with a 4-inch rear connection, the SpinFlow Front Mount has front inlet piping that reduces the need for a long blower hose resulting in ease of driver use.

Key product enhancements include:

  • Smooth, unobstructed piping design for less back pressure and heat build-up
  • Increased air spin of inlet airflow allows for more filter surface area to be utilized and results in longer element life than any filter on the market today. 
  • Stronger, more robust design to meet the demands of the tank trailer industry.
  • More than 5 lbs lighter than current models.
  • Easy front opening access door with removable gasket for easy cleaning and inspection of element and unit. 
  • Seal tab holes are built-in to lid and latch assembly for tamper-proof operation. 
  • Auto spring-loaded element tensioner is built into access door, which eliminates the need for adjusting.
  • Available in multiple inlet and outlet configurations: threaded, grooved, cam fitting and plain. 
  • Standard HD element with top-mounted temperature indicator engineered with spiral-welded core that is welded to both end caps for added strength. 
  • Optional FDA compliant Teflon membrane for easy cleaning.
  • Patented Exterior Guide System that eliminates contamination from internal element guide rods used in trailer air filters on the market today.

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