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Trailer Mounted Air-to-Air Cooler

The ultimate protection for heat sensitive loads

The BTI Trailer Mounted Air-to-Air cooler system cools discharge air to approximately less than half of inlet temperature before the air enters the tank. The cooler’s heat exchanger is rated for 1100 SCFM and is equipped with two electric fans. Constructed out of aluminum, it is durable and lightweight. The fans are powered by the tractor’s electrical system, using the 7-pin harness at the front of the trailer. The cooler is installed in the air supply line between the blower and the hopper tank, allowing the conveying air to be routed through the heat exchanger, and cooled by the fans. An automatic pressure sensor switch controls the fans, eliminating possible operator failure to activate the fans.

Advantages of the BTI Trailer Air-to-Air Cooler are:

  • Provides cooled air to the dry bulk material.
  • Cooler is automatic – no special procedure is required.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Requires no external water, air, or electric source.
  • Victaulic groove on the piping stub coming from the cooler, intake and discharge ports.
  • Compact, light, inexpensive, and does not affect the size of the trailer.