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SpinFlow Industrial Aerator

Announcing a new spin on an old concept. ..

Vibrating silo aerators are hardly a new idea. Yet the engineers at BTI have developed a revolutionary design to an age old dilemma; faster and more predictable dry bulk unloading. The Spin Flow Silo Aeration System utilizes a series of arched ribs on the inside of the aerator disk and offset discharge ports to create a sweeping air flow pattern that allows for easier product flow without plugging or compacting. This unique sweeping pattern not only allows for maximum product flow but also provides superior clean out of the hopper walls. The aerator disk is made of an FDA approved silicone rubber available in either white or blue. This material provides the perfect balance of rigidity to provide excellent vibration characteristics facilitating the unloading process. The aerator stem is available in Carbon Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel providing the versatility you need no matter the application.