SpinFlow Aeration System

A new spin on an old concept.          

The faster you can unload your hopper, the more money you save on labor and fuel costs, and the more loads you can haul in a limited amount of time. Bulk Tank’s innovative designed components increases the pressure, velocity, and energy during aeration allowing for faster unloading. That’s why Bulk Tank’s new SpinFlow aerators reduces unloading times up to 20%. Frustrating and time consuming problems such as back flushing and rat holing of difficult material are no match for SpinFlow’s helical symmetrical design of the aerator stem. Engineered for a positive shut-off on the hopper wall, back flush is effectively prevented, every time. The aerator rubber is designed to eliminate contamination, last longer, and will not prematurely fail due to cracking and splitting. No need to waste money on replacement parts. Faster, stronger, and more economical, the SpinFlow aerator is putting a new spin on an old stand-by.