Additional Information:

SiphonFlow™ Hopper Tees

Because two forces are better than one.

The SiphonFlow Tee uses 2 forces instead of 1. The product is pushed out of the tank with tank pressure and also pulled out of the tank with line pressure. The unique fluted design causes a venturi effect resulting in the “pulling” of product from the hopper. With the SiphonFlow Tee, as soon as the product leaves the hopper valve, it is already in the horizontal pipe and with no down stream radius on the tee the Siphon Flow Tee has less eddy currents causing smoother flow of product with less friction and less heat generation. This allows it to last longer than any current design tee on the market today. The SiphonFlow Tee’s field tests have proven smoother, faster and more efficient unloading, up to 22% faster. And, 10 to 20 degrees less heat during the unloading process, which is especially important when handling heat sensitive materials. In addition, an independent testing lab has flow tested approximately 300 SCFM’s more flow than the most popular design tee on the market today.