SiphonFlow™ Easy Open Hopper Tee

Open Up to an Easier Way to Clean.

Eliminate the dangers of cross contamination with our new SiphonFlow Easy Open Hopper Tee

Easier to operate – you can remove the butterfly valve for cleaning without completely unlatching tee assembly from flange.  It is also easier to install and adjust with only two easy adjustment points instead of previously designs on the market that has to be adjusted in four points.

Faster to clean and faster to unload than previous designs on the market today with SiphonFlow™ Technology.

Approximately 20% lighter weight than any other on market.

Polymer and oil impregnated bronze bushings in all pivot points for years of trouble-free operation.

Less parts means less maintenance cost.

Lighter, Easier to Operate, Performs Better and Costs Less.


SiphonFlow™ Technology

Uses 2 forces instead of 1. The product is pushed out of the tank with tank pressure and also pulled out of the tank with line pressure.



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