SiphonFlow™ Bottom Drop Tee

Hopper tees should empty material.

Not fill you with frustration.


Easy open. 

  1. Step on foot lever or pull it down.
  2. The door opens easily.
  3. And, swings out of the way.

No more seized wing nuts and galled bolts that will not operate. All Siphon Flow Bottom Drop Tees have special polymer bushings at all pivot points to assure years of easy operation.

Previous bottom drop tees were difficult to close properly. Equal pressure had to be maintained to each wing nut or bolt to achieve a secure seal. With the Siphon Flow Bottom Drop Tee there’s no more adjusting the door to get it to seal properly. Once the door cams shut, a replaceable molded gasket ensures a consistent positive seal every time.

Siphon Flow Bottom Drop Tees are smoother flowing. The I.D. of the Bottom Drop Door is the same radius as the bottom of the tee itself which prevents eddy currents that cause excessive wear and turbulence in the unload process.

Siphon Flow Bottom Drop Tees have more ground clearance than any other tee on the market with 1 ½ inches more on standard tees and ½ inch more than the low profile models currently available.

Siphon Flow Aluminum Bottom Drop Tees are lighter weight – up to 40% – yes over 7 pounds lighter, than other aluminum Bottom Drop Tees on the market today.

Available in 5”,  6”, or 8” Aluminum or Abrasion Resistant DuraIron™


The Competitions Bottom Drop Hopper Tee:


BTI’s Bottom Drop Hopper Tee:


Replacing the Gasket: