Additional Information:

699/692 Sanitary Valve

An exceptional American manufactured sanitary valve for chemical and food safe applications.  

Sizes: 2”-12” – Lug and Wafer Body Styles

DISC/STEM: BTl’s standard is 255 duplex stainless which is more corrosion resistant than 316SS and nearly twice as strong. This allows for the disc to be thinner and increase the Cv without reducing its strength. The encapsulated Disc are PTFE/255SS which is nearly 4x more corrosion resistant than 316SS while maintaining superior strength. Consult factory for additional options.

SEAT: Available valve seats include: PTFE lined with EPDM, FDA Nitrile, or fluorocarbon and also available in standard  EPDM, FDA Nitrile and Fluorocarbon. Consult factory for additional options.

HUB SEAL: Provides the primary positive seal between disc hub and seat.

STEM/SEAT SEAL: The designed interference between the fully PTFE lined stem and seat provides a secondary seal to prevent media from contacting internal components.

O-SEAL: BTI O-seals provide a tertiary seal to prevent media from reaching internal valve components. Available in PTFE, Buna-N, EPDM or fluorocarbon.

BODY: The wafer style body is designed to fit between TTMA, ANSI/ASME 125 & 150 and lightweight flanges. The wafer body comes standard in ductile iron and is also available in aluminum; with several corrosion resistant coating options. Lug style bodies are designed to accommodate ANSI/ASME 125 &150 flanges and are available in ductile iron.

TOP PLATE: Precision machined to accommodate standard drilling patterns. Will accept manual handle kits, or actuator, interchangeable with standard ISO patterns.

STEM BUSHING: Corrosion resistant acetal stem bushings top and bottom provides seize-free valve operation.

STEM SEAL:Ensures no external contaminants reach the stem journal. Available in Buna-N, EPDM or fluorocarbon.


Seat and disc are totally Interchangeable with Ultraflo 399/392, Sure Seal 899/892, Keystone 999/992 and ABZ 909/919 valves.