Pv Series Petroleum Butterfly Valve

Valves Specifically for the petroleum industry.

Strong, lightweight and priced to compete with imports.

Features and Benefits:

  • Molded in seats with multiple o-rings eliminates the need for gaskets or piping configuration changes
  • Double o-ring seals on stems ensures a leak proof design
  • Seat and molded in gasket is Viton® B for petroleum service. Other seat materials are available.
  • Anodized housing increases life by minimizing electrolysis and prevents galling of the shaft and housing reducing the chance for seize up of the shaft.  Anodizing increases wear resistance and surface hardness.
  • Available in two styles of aluminum body; Standard Pv and Compact Pv series
  • 1 1/8” thick valve body for industry standard configuration in petro tank trailers
  • A unique direct drive stem/disc configuration that allows maximum flow
  • Ductile or stainless steel disc options
  • Available with a steel handle and stainless steel throttling plate, BTI’s HD aluminum handle with stainless steel trigger tip or detent handle.
  • A weight reduction over other valves on the market
  • Can be used in multiple petroleum services
  • Standard with both TTMA Bolt patterns