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Pneumatic Conveying Filter Screen

Finally, a Dry Bulk Filter Screen that doesn’t restrict flow.

The problem with a conventional filter screen is flow restriction; a 4” diameter pipe can be restricted by 40%! You pay for a 4” pipe so why not get 4 inches of flow.

Now you can.

By utilizing a 6 inch filter screen BTI has increased the open area by 40%. This means the filter screen will not restrict flow. The BTI Pneumatic Conveying Filter Screen is more compact than other models on the market today and the housings are one piece cast aluminum, making the assembly lighter and stronger.

The aluminum quick coupler makes cleaning quick and simple.  With our unique gasket that features a molded-in filter screen, the assembly will not operate properly if the screen is removed; the coupler will simply not hold pressure, ensuring the filter will always be used.

Also available in 5” and 6” sizes.