Optima™ Check Valve

Optima, premiere check valve for pneumatic systems.

The reults are in! Optima completed over one million cycles without failure!

Previous to Optima, check valves were heavy, flow restrictive, and caused a constant risk of load contamination. BTI’s Optima Check Valve offers solutions to all these problems. Fewer parts and smarter construction allows for a light weight valve. Our unique bell design, poppet and fewer supports allow for increased airflow and no turbulence. Optima’s spring housing and guide bushings make load contamination virtually impossible. Optimum performance and optimum air flow – BTI’s Optima Check Valve.

Features and Benefits:

  • Coil Spring – Tested to provide over twice the cycling life as a conventional torsion spring.
  • Spring Housing – Protects your load from being contaminated from a broken spring.
  • Fewer Internal Parts – Fewer parts means lighter weight and less risk of contamination.
  • Bell Housing Design – Provides more open area which results in less back pressure.
  • Guide Bushings – Bushing stops poppet from opening too far and choking flow or damaging spring.
  • Flat face poppet Valve – No fasteners allows more surface area for flow and less back pressure. Self-sealing gasket design.

Available in 3 or 4 inch sizes.