EasyTork™ Actuator

Lightweight • Small • Corrosion Resistant

BTI’s new Easytork Rotary Pneumatic Actuator provides superior performance and critical weight-savings compared to standard rack & pinion actuators.

Along with extended life and less weight, the Easytork provides these superior benefits:

  • Quieter Operation
  • No negative effects due to moisture, the Easytork will operate even when full of water
  • Small Foot Print – makes normal valve and tee maintenance easier
  • Less Air Consumption – cost savings over the life of the valve due to less air needed over conventional single acting and double acting rack & pinion actuators
  • Unique design allows fail safe operation, without internal springs, via internal compression chamber
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
  • One Internal Moving Part and no Corrosion Prone Spring

How Lightweight?

Over 43% lighter than a comparable rack & pinion actuator.

Our Easytork BVA 514 weighs in at just 6 Lbs compared to 10.45 Lbs for equivalent torque output rack & pinion actuator.