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Critter Stopper

The Critter Stopper™ valve eliminates contamination by small rodents and insects that can enter a bulk tank trailer through the blow-down exhaust pipe. Air can exhaust out of the tank, but nothing can get in!

The small, lightweight Critter Stopper is a valve that attaches easily with two set screws or an All-in-One coupler for easy removal and can be washed during tank cleaning. It attaches to the end of the blow-down line and remains closed when not in operation. It allows the internal air pressure in the tank to be emptied after the unloading process while not allowing anything to enter back through the blow down line.

The Critter Stopper is made of lightweight aluminum and food grade stainless steel and will be available later this year in two sizes: 3″ and 4″. The two door flappers are recessed in the housing to prevent the build-up of road sludge, ice or other foreign matter that might otherwise prevent doors from opening.