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BTI’s SandHog™ Hopper Tee

Specially designed for frac sand and sliding abrasive material


The toughest tee on the market.

Finally, a new hopper tee designed for extreme wear resistance in highly abrasive situations. The SandHog™ Hopper Tee is projected to last twice as long as conventional abrasion resistant tees.

Frac sand and similar abrasive materials has long been a problem to tank trailer hopper tees wearing through the downstream radius like a hot knife through butter.

The SandHog™ Hopper Tee has patented design features in conjunction with BTI’s DuraIron™, a special iron alloy that provides up to twice the wear resistance of conventional tees and results in an abrasion resistant tee that is unlike anything on the market today.

The patented design incorporates a ledge that catches the abrasive material being discharged and uses that material to protect the downstream radius of the tee.