BTI’s SandHog™ Elbow

Specially designed for frac sand and sliding abrasive material


Sandhog Elbow

An alternative to metal fitting and hose-type unloading configurations. Our SandHogTM  Elbow line, installed at all bend points, offers superior abrasion resistance, allows for side unloading as well as rear unloading, and ships standard with a choice of two cam style configurations.

Our SandHog elbows incorporate a unique spherical pocket design that traps a small amount of product causing the discharged product to wear against itself instead of the fitting wall. These materials wear at corner and bend points along the discharge line. Bottom line: the SandHog Elbow uses the product being discharged to insulate these critical wear points.

Abrasive material is typically discharged to the rear of the trailer to avoid as many bends as possible. Haulers are now able to discharge from the side.

Constructed with BTI’s DuraIron™, a special iron alloy that provides up to twice the wear resistance of conventional elbows.

The SandHog Elbow line is available in two industry standard cam and groove configurations: female to male and male to female. The elbow comes standard at 45° but connecting two of the elbows together offers a 90° option.

Our Sandhog Elbows offer a “100% satisfaction or return it” guarantee and are 100% American made.

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