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BlackMaxx All-in-One Coupler

Stronger, Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant and Cuts Cleaning Time and Inventory Costs.

Our BlackMaxx All-in-One Coupler not only can take the place of three types of couplers, Grooved to Grooved, Grooved to Plain, and Plain to Plain, it is constructed of a composite fiber material that is lightweight, strong and impervious to corrosion.

The BlackMaxx All-in-One Coupler incorporates many features to drastically reduce the costly down time of repairs. Cleaning time and expense are now drastically reduced–simply align the pipes and quickly and easily slip on B.T.I.’s BlackMaxx All-in-One Coupler.

Even though the innovative design of B.T.I.’s All-in-One Coupler far exceeds any existing model, the cost compares with traditional couplers.

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