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All-in-One Pressure Relief Valve

One Pressure Relief Valve that does it all.

Tank Trailers to Blower Units High to Low Temperatures Food Grade to Frac Sand

BTI is now offering a pressure valve that does it all. Instead of buying separate valves for tank or blower, high or low temperatures, food grade or non-food grade, the All-in-One Pressure Relief Valve can take care of all your needs. Just specify the pressure you need and let us know if it’s for the tank or the blower, so we can make the proper pressure adjustment, and you’re good to go!

Available in:

  • 2” or 3” sizes.
  • Adjustable, fixed, or manual release
  • Pressure ratings of 5- 30 PSI.
  • Male cam lock fitting, male anodized threads and female anodized threads. 

The All-in-One features an FDA approved seat and tamper proof seal to ensure that the pressure setting specified is not changed by the operator.


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