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All-in-One Coupler

BTI’s All-in-One Coupler Cuts Cleaning Time and Inventory Costs by 66%It’s the only coupler you’ll ever need.

BTI’s All-in-One Coupler Cuts Cleaning Time and Inventory Costs by 66%

The All-in-One Coupler is the industry’s first lightweight aluminum die-cast coupler. It replaces all traditional plastic and aluminum coupler types: Grooved to Grooved, Grooved to Plain, and Plain to Plain.  The revolutionary All-in-One design incorporates eight S-clip gripper locations that “bite” into the pipe as air pressure increases and the pipes attempt  to separate. The greater the pressure, the greater the grip, regardless of the type of pipe.

The metal s-clip design also provides continuous grounding from pipe to pipe; no need to attach grounding straps or ground wires to connecting pipes.

All-in-One Couplers are positioned to grip whether they are used on plain or grooved pipes and eliminates the need to groove pipes or tees, reducing part costs.

The coupler offers two gasket configurations; split or solid, two closure options; Composite Cam Handle or a Bolt On Tee Handle and is available in 3, 4 and 5 inch sizes. The exclusive hinge design matches the curve of the gasket and is moved closer to the inside body to eliminate pinching of the gasket as in previous design couplers. The coupler’s split gasket option, that seals the first time and every time it’s installed, eliminates the hassle of getting the gasket on and off while pull tabs keep the gasket in position during installation, ensuring a secure seal. Suspended in the gasket material is an FDA-approved lubricant that eliminates the need for additional lubrication. An exclusive safety lock and pin prevents the coupler from opening while under pressure, while polymer bushings at all pivot points eliminate galling and seizing. Cleaning time and expense are now drastically reduced –simply align the pipes and quickly and easily slip on B.T.I.’s All-in-One Coupler.

Even though the innovative design of B.T.I.’s All-in-One Coupler far exceeds any existing model, the cost compares with traditional couplers.

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