AccuSafe™ Pressure Relief Valve

Designed for accurate and safe operation!

AccuSafe Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) derives its name from its ability to function accurately and safely in a myriad of situations. The AccuSafe PRV is an all-in-one solution. Typically, relief valves were constructed for a specific task, blower or tank installations, high or low temperatures and food grade or non-food grade. The AccuSafe PRV is constructed for use in all these situations.

An industry first Certificate of Compliance, generated through a digital data acquisition system is included with each valve, providing BTI customers a guarantee of optimal performance.

BTI’s AccuSafe Pressure Relief Valve is available in a 2-inch size and features a stainless steel poppet, stainless steel spring guide tubes, and tamper-proof seal to ensure the operator cannot change the specified pressure setting.

100% American-made, the new AccuSafe Pressure Relief Valve is available for immediate shipment. Bulk Tank, Inc. unconditionally guarantees this product will outperform any similar product on the market today.

Key product enhancements include:

  • High precision wound and surface ground spring
  • Machined top and bottom stainless steel spring guide tubes to ensure consistent function and repeatability
  • Unique poppet and spring design allows for smooth and consistent air flow, eliminating “air shutter” found with standard poppet designs which causes fluctuating air pressure
  • Precision machined stainless steel poppet with optimized huddle chamber
  • One-piece FDA-Compliant High-Temperature Diaphragm to protect and eliminate contamination to the working components from dirt, water and ice
  • 3 Connection Options
    • Male 2” Cam Fitting – Hard anodized to protect and reduce metal to metal chaffing between cam to groove
    • Male 2” NPT Threads – Hard anodized to protect and extend thread life
    • Female 2” NPT Threads – Hard anodized to protect and extend thread life
  • Multiple Configurations Available
    • Non-Adjustable, Manual-Release and Adjustable
  • Tamper-Proof Seal