When you buy American Made Products –
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10 Feelings we Get when Buying Made in USA

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There’s a special kind of emotion that comes with being—and buying—American. Individuals are likely to experience a host of feelings, either in succession or in combination. At times, this may even be overwhelming. So, we have compiled a brief list of typical responses to all things Made in USA to help you better recognize, understand, and embrace the sensations.


Buying Made in USA products makes me feel excited.

Purchasing a Made in USA product gives you a charge. From the smell of the cardboard box to the sound of mute promise when you shake it. Or maybe it’s the anticipation of pulling a new leather jacket or cotton shirt from the hanger for the first time. Part of the charge of buying your Made in USA product is knowing that you’re energizing the country.


Made in USA products come with sense of pride. A pride in knowing that each purchase helps make the economy stronger, helps hard-working Americans provide for their families, and helps keep our country safe. But perhaps the greatest sense of pride from buying Made in USA products is that they help us do all this, and look damn good at the same time.


Made in USA makes me feel happy.

Buying Made in USA products makes you happy, and with good reason. When you consider all the ingenuity, creativity, and industry that’s a part of America, chances are you can find pretty much anything you want. And more than a few things you didn’t even know you needed (that’s right, bedazzler, we’re looking at you).


Made in USA makes me feel Patriotic.

It’s one thing to light a firecracker or wave a flag once a year, but buying Made in USA products as a practice is real patriotism. Every time a product made in the USA is purchased, we literally put our money where our mouth is. We’re expressing our belief in the ingenuity, quality, and hard work that made, and continues to make, this country great.


made in usa makes me feel confident

It’s no surprise that buying Made in the USA products boosts your confidence. After all, if you want craftsmanship, we got it. You want quality? American manufacturing standards are among the highest in the world. It’s with good reason your confidence is boosted when you’re wearing a new Made in USA hat and carrying an American made bag.


made in usa makes me feel victorious

Go on, admit it. You’ve felt that twinge after buying Made in the USA products. You stand a little taller, knowing that you’re not only taking home “the good stuff,” but you’re supporting your country. You’re victorious and you deserve every one of those victories. All we ask is that you keep the bragging to a minimum, okay?


made in usa makes me feel smart

When you buy Made in USA products, you’re saving money on import tariffs and transportation costs (cargo ships need fuel, workers to load and unload freight, after all). Savings also applies to time as well: local businesses can deliver faster than foreign factories. In fact when you think about it, buying Made in the USA products isn’t a purchase at all. It’s a smart investment.


made in usa makes me feel sexy

Let’s face it, this is the land of the pickup truck, rugged individualism, and Daisy Dukes. It doesn’t get much sexier than that. Made in USA products aren’t just desired here in the States, either. All around the globe, people want our rock ‘n’ roll, our democracy, our blue jeans. They want American made products.


made in usa makes me feel safe

Made in USA products aren’t just some of the safest in the world, they’re also manufactured safely, too. Our safeguards have eliminate harmful chemicals, help protect the environment, and continue to develop more efficient, sustainable manufacturing processes. Made in USA makes you feel safe today as well as tomorrow.


made in usa makes me feel thankful

There are so many people to thank for that special moment. That incomparable feeling. You know the one: when you buy a Made in the USA product. First, there’s the salesperson, maybe their manager. Certainly there’s everyone in the warehouse and distribution making sure things get where they’re supposed to be. Sometime driving long hours on the road. And let’s not forget the USA itself, for it’s entrepreneurial, hardworking spirit that makes this country the land of plenty. Oh, we also want to thank mom and dad, nonny and pop-pop—you guys always believed in me. Wait, wait, don’t start the music yet, I’m not done…!